Here are a few programs that we use that could make life a little easier on Sunday and throughout the week!  If you are in the church auditorium, you can scan the QR code with your phone and get linked straight to this page at anytime.

  • Youversion app

    The YouVersion App has so much to offer you - from Bible reading plans, the Bible in multiple versions and a lot more!  We also puts the sermon notes for each week on here so that you have access to the notes whether you are with us in person or online!

  • connect with us

    Whether this is your first time or your one hundredth, we are so glad that you are with us!  If you click on the picture, this link will let us connect with you more & answer any questions you may have about Virginia Hills Church.  This information also allows us to keep you updated on what is going on at the church each month.  We hope that you enjoy your time with us and got to grab some coffee!

  • give

    An easy & secure way to give online!  Just click the photo to get started!

  • rightnow media

    RightNow Media is a go to resource for all faith-related studies and videos for all ages!  When you fill out a Virginia Hills connection card, you will receive information on how to get connected to this wonderful library or resources.  Click the picture to get connected!

    If you already have an account, make sure you login and check out what's new!

  • social media

    Our Facebook page & Instagram allow us to post resources, share photos and communicate events to you!  We hope you will like and follow our pages as one way to stay connected and up to date on what is happening. 

    You can search for us on both platforms or use our link tree to get easy access!

     Link Tree